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IMM Cologne 2019 Impressions

The cologne furniture fair imm is always worth the visit. For years they showcase a wide lineup of international furniture brands. 2019 they combined the furniture show with the living kitchen.

Where to go at imm?
Definitely hall No. 11!   3 floors of pure aestethics. A lot of italian design companies such as Riva 1920, Tonelli, Paltrona Frau and many others showcase their latest works of creativity and passion. Unlike other contries, the italian companies get never boring, even after years. Nothing beats italian design and craftsmanship. Every year, they enhance details or find better materials and implement new technologies and its always a pleasure to get inspireded by their designs.


extraordinary contemporary design

Alex Mint

Alex Mint studio is a London based design firm established in 2017 by greece designer and architectAlexia Mintsouli. Focusing on producing unique bespoke objects of exceptional design and high-quality materials. The range includes from large scale handmade interior to smaller home accessories.

CTO Lighting

CTO Lighting uses the finest materials and craftsmanship to produce bespoke light fixtures. Skilled artisans create these products in England.

Riva 1920

A Dream of a Desk by Walter Knoll

This Desk is called TAMA and I felt in love with that design. On the website of Walter Knoll is written: Tama Desk is more of an attitude than a desk. Tama is applied art. Sculpture, statement, commitment. To freedom and creativity, elegance and beauty, sensuousness and self-esteem. Its design is a song of wood and craftsmanship. Bronze blade legs, elegant lines and terraced levels. Tama Desk marks the evolution from workbench to instrument. And I just can sign this statement.

Ginger & Jagger

Launched in Europe in 2012, Ginger & Jagger is a product design brand that prides itself on creating handcrafted high-end contemporary products inspired by Nature.

Tonellidesign glass furniture

Tonelli is specialized in manufacturing of glass furniture and complements. Its philosophy is based on a combination of tradition and innovation. Tonelli stands out for its natural capacity of innovating itself and its products, experimenting new forms of creativity whenever they can.


Bodahl Furniture from Denmark makes impressive dining tables in massive rustic wild oak. Some with massiv screws and Swiss edge and extravagant stands. Its for sure not the typical clean danish design nor the playful italian style. They are standing more as Rockstars above the classic wood table companies. Their tables are from very good ``lifetime`` quality and available for reasonable prices. Especially this table below is from extraordinary quality and style. Its one of my all time favorites from the whole imm show this and last year. The surface has a beautiful finnish and the cut of the edges is just perfect. Probably the best buy for the money.
Glass Sculptures & Lights

Scholle Deubzer

Eduard Deubzer and Rike Scholle are true artisans who create totally one of a kind glass sculptures and unique lighting

Lohberger high end custom kitchen solutions

For the 2nd time Lohberger showcase their masterpiece of kitchen-estate. A height adjustable state of the art piece of technology. The finish is made of thick Bronze with a very unique finish.

Randoms from the imm show

I dont wont to point with the finger towards companies, but I feel the need to talk frankly about a global situation I more and more recognize through many businesses. Im feeling really sorry for some long established big names in the design business, accross europe, who got brought up by the chinese guys, and therefore lost their qaulity due to new managament. Its like expected and I think it will never change, as soon as there are chinese investores involved trying to make a profit with the traditional brands it ends up more or less in a desaster. So I was supposed to find out that the quality of their leathers was cheaper and nickel plated elements instead of real chrome or polished stainless steel. The joints and stitching are more or less fake or replaced by lower industrial standards. And its all due to overtakings by chinese investors, who unfortunately have no spirit and sense for craftsmanship and artistic influence.